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Fundamentos en Base de Datos

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About me..

Hi! My name is Miguel, I am Venezuelan, online instructor, and programmer. I am a tech enthusiast, who love challenges of all related to mobile development. Also, I like to read different books about Economics, Political Science, and others topics that increase my personal and professional knowledge. 🙂

What I do..

Currently, I am developing mobile apps in Android. Moreover, I am learning Flutter and Dart in order to create modern mobile apps not only in Android but also in iOS. On the other hand, I am an online instructor in Udemy platform and I am investing in cryptocurrencies. 🙂


Programming Languages

  • Android (Java/Kotlin/Dart)
  • iOS (Dart)
  • C/C++
  • Python
  • Backend (Java, Fortran90, Python)


  • SQL
  • SQLite
  • Oracle
  • Room Database

IDE's & Tools

  • Firebase
  • GitHub & Bitbucket
  • Android Studio
  • Jira
  • Qt

Pattern design

  • Architecture Components
  • Singleton, Factory, Adapter,..
  • Solid principles
Apps & Dev
Roman Empire App

Roman Empire is an app that converts roman numerals to decimal numbers and viceversa. This app was developed in Android Studio with a MVP design and Java as a programming language. It could be found in the Google Play Store.

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Awesome Toast Library

AwesomeToast is an Android library that allows to create personalized toast in your mobile apps easily. It was developed using Java and Android Studio. It could be found in my GitHub account (MIT license).

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